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(Odd Idea) Ancestor Worship

Ancestor worship is still quite common in many parts of the world today. The practices vary, but the underlying principles are the same. Sometimes you make sacrifices on the family altar, leave an empty spot on the table, keep the graves in good shape and so on. Many of these things are practiced in cultures that are not traditionally … Continue reading »

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(Odd Ideas) The Dead Marches

I have touched upon the subject of non-evil undead before. I find the idea of heroic or necessary undead intriguing, so I’m returning to the idea. This time on a bit larger scale. Nations of the Dead are not particularly new ideas. Even the ancient Egyptians believed that the lands on the other bank of … Continue reading »

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(Odd Ideas) The Ones You Least Expect

Necromancy, the forbidden art of giving unlife to those who have left the mortal coil, or at least their remains. In most cultures, especially fantastical ones, necromancy is taboo or at least strongly discouraged. Necromancers tend to be the bad guys, striding (or riding a skeletal mount) at the forefront of a horde of undead … Continue reading »

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