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Tagged With: feudalism

(Odd Ideas) Imperial Ending

History tells us that every empire falls, eventually and is replaced by new societies. The Romans, the Parthians, the Spanish and all the others have fallen. But empires are large, they cover several smaller nations and while their fall may be dramatic, it is rarely quick. The simple massiveness of the social and economic construct … Continue reading »

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(Odd Ideas) War of the Three Queens

Wars of succession can be either completely internal affairs for a country, but in some case the candidates for the throne are foreign nobles with claims on the vacant throne. These claims can come from many sources: marriages and kinship, ancient legacies for dead titles or from just simple ambitions of conquest against a weakened country. In our … Continue reading »

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(Odd Ideas) The Dead Marches

I have touched upon the subject of non-evil undead before. I find the idea of heroic or necessary undead intriguing, so I’m returning to the idea. This time on a bit larger scale. Nations of the Dead are not particularly new ideas. Even the ancient Egyptians believed that the lands on the other bank of … Continue reading »

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(History is Fun) Big Horses and Feudalism, Part 1

The concept of knights was briefly touched upon in a recent Odd Idea of mine. However, the idea of an elite mounted warriors dominating the battlefield is older than medieval. In fact, it goes back to antiquity. In this short series, I will look into the development of the mounted warrior elite, from the bronze … Continue reading »

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