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Odd Ideas

(Outoja Ideoita) Lyhyitä ideoita koostettuna, osa 1: elämää, kuolemaa ja epäkuolemaa

Tämä on kokoelma vanhoja Outoja Ideoita ajalta ennen blogia. Nämä on koostettu vanhoista Facebook-päivityksistäni vuosilta 2010 ja 2011. Tässä postauksessa on osa suomenkielisistä ideoista, osa 2 ilmestyy lähipäivinä. Englanninkieliset lyhyet ideat on julkaistu aikaisemmassa julkaisussa.

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(Odd Ideas) Short ideas in English

It has been a while, has it not? I will try to write new Odd ideas in the future. But for now, enjoy these ancient ones. This is a collection of old odd adventure ideas from days of yore, circa the year 2011. I wrote these on Facebook and digging them up took more tie … Continue reading »

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(Outoja ideoita) Kokoelma aseita 1920-luvulta Yhdysvalloissa. Osa 1, käsiaseita.

  Aseet ovat olennainen osa monia seikkailuita. Tässä on kokoelma leffoista, novelleista ja historiasta tutttuja aseita. Tämän artikkelisarjan on tarkoitus tarjota lukijoille kokoelma aseita, joita heidän hahmonsa tai pahiksset käyttävät. Aikakaudeksi olen valinnut 1920-luvun, koska tällä hetkellä pelaan kampanjassa joka sille ajalle sijoittuu. Tarkoituksenani olisi kirjoittaa vielä muutama osa sarjaa lisää, joissa käsitellään järeämpiä ja … Continue reading »

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(Odd Idea) Ancestor Worship

Ancestor worship is still quite common in many parts of the world today. The practices vary, but the underlying principles are the same. Sometimes you make sacrifices on the family altar, leave an empty spot on the table, keep the graves in good shape and so on. Many of these things are practiced in cultures that are not traditionally … Continue reading »

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(Odd Ideas) The Price of Practicality

Art has long been the measuring stick of civilizations. Most cultures have produced or thrived to produce distinct art, usually based on those art forms and styles that have been perceived as valued. Many anthropologists maintain, that without art, a society is not complete. There have been few or none societies that held all art … Continue reading »

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(Odd Idea) An Evil Step-Mothers’ Troubles

In fairy tales, when the good-natured widowed father remarries, any princesses should beware! Evil stepmothers are a fairy-tale staple, but what if there ever was only one? And what if she did what she did because she only desired to leave behind a unified fairyland? A Final Fairytale? By marrying old widower kings and murdering them, … Continue reading »

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(Odd ideas) The Vigilant Guardians

Honor and duty, sacred oaths, immortal love and sometimes plain stubbornness can bind a soul to “this” world, in many stories. The undead are not always victims of curses or mindless automatons animated by fragments of life force. In the ancient and mystical land of the River, the City of Dead has always stood next to the … Continue reading »

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(Odd Ideas) Into the Storm

On the 9th of March in 1862, the age of sailing ships in warfare ended, with a lot of bangs. On that day, USS Monitor and CSS Virginia faced off on the mouth of the Chesapeake river. Their battle proved for all spectators (local and international) that the age of wooden hulls and sails had … Continue reading »

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(Odd Ideas) Rest and Recuperation

Even the greatest adventurers have to spend some time resting and recharging their batteries between adventures (sometimes literally). Hospital stays, stints in the asylum and vacations are sometimes needed by the hardiest folk. On some adventure rich worlds, there might be people offering such services for wealthy adventurers. After all, if you have a stack … Continue reading »

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(Odd Ideas) Imperial Ending

History tells us that every empire falls, eventually and is replaced by new societies. The Romans, the Parthians, the Spanish and all the others have fallen. But empires are large, they cover several smaller nations and while their fall may be dramatic, it is rarely quick. The simple massiveness of the social and economic construct … Continue reading »

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