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(Odd idea) It’s All in Your (God)Head

Posted by on January 13, 2012

What if the world was just a figment of a god’s imagination? What if all the galaxies, stars and black holes were nothing more than ideas floating around an infinitely powerful mindscape. Gods are often described as omnipotent and omniscient and therefore instead of just creating everything, they could be the totality of existence. But if the god created the world in their infinite mind, this might make the existence of these realities quite hazardous. What if the god is distracted? What if the god gets a migraine?

A Truly Apocalyptic Hangover

When strange curtains of light start showing up on the long-range telescopes, it is dismissed as extraordinary astronomical activity, interesting only to scientists. The general increase in global anxiety and bad moods was attributed to the heightened political tension in the middle-east. And the rains of small lizards across the globe were classified as minor mysteries, nothing more. But when the laws of physics start to bend, people sit up start to notice.

Somehow everything seems drier and parched. It’s not just the environment either, but people get dry mouths even after drinking liters of water. Unexplained outbreaks of cholera-like symptoms cause distress across the globe. The world leaders are nervous and turn to religion, science and even random guessing to find answers for their people.

Amidst this chaos a new oracle rises, preaching a creed of alka seltzer, drinking plenty of water and moderation in all things. Her followers whisper of secrets that might restore order to the world. Will the world end in a cacophony or will the bad times end? And will the god honor their promise to never party again?

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