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(Odd Idea) An Evil Step-Mothers’ Troubles

Posted by on January 10, 2012

Image is Public Domain

In fairy tales, when the good-natured widowed father remarries, any princesses should beware! Evil stepmothers are a fairy-tale staple, but what if there ever was only one? And what if she did what she did because she only desired to leave behind a unified fairyland?

A Final Fairytale?

By marrying old widower kings and murdering them, an ambitious queen has practically unified the Fairytaleland after centuries of constant warfare. Peace reigns as old borders are replaced by trade and commerce and old feuds are replaced by intranational diplomacy and vying for the Queens favor. But there is trouble on the horizon, as her marriages have left a group of female heirs to their fathers’ thrones. so what is an evil Queen to do? Play ball in a game of dynastic struggles by finding enough handsome princes to keep the princesses occupied or take the fairy-tale way out?

in order to secure a stable future for the unified kingdom, the princesses must be eliminated, otherwise they might try to reclaim their fathers’ thrones and undo all the hard work the Queen has put into unifying the land. Luckily there are towers without doors to imprison them, ancient cursed castles to make them sleep the sleep of death and loyal huntsmen to “fix” hunting accidents. unfortunately, things soon go fairy-tale wrong for the Queen.

Now, in the old Forest, there is a pale skinned princess leading a rebellion of miners, trained by the “loyal” huntsman in the art of guerrilla warfare. The long-haired princess that was sealed in the doorless tower has escaped after making rope from her own hair and ancient cursed castles are still castles and rather easy to defend in determined hands. And then there are the mysterious Princes from far-away land, meddling in politics and wooing the hands of the rebel princesses in marriage.

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