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(Odd Idea) Friday Night Siege

Posted by on January 9, 2012

Sometimes adventure doesn’t need dank dungeons or old castles. True Villains are not mandatory if the premise itself gives the heroes some motivations to seek adventure. Sometimes teens being teens is enough.

Random Midwestern Town, USA, 195X

The heady, hot days of summer are coming to an unavoidable end as autumn and school rear their ugly head. But for this last weekend, the vacation is still here and so is the Last Dance of Summer, a fond tradition for the teenagers in the area.

But when Wednesday rolls in, so does the military. Trucks filled with soldiers and scientists, all wearing strange masks and talking heatedly about curfews, contamination and about something called Project Mandible. They issue an effective quarantine of the town, nobody is to leave the town perimeter until an all-clear has been given. Food supplies and water will be distributed, but no movement outside the town will be allowed on penalty of arrest. To the teenagers, this sounds really bad.

Military cordon or not, they will not miss the Last Dance. Maybe they can even look into the strange lights and sounds coming from the Old McStrange’s farm…

“Something Sinister” has come to Random Midwestern Town or at least the military seems to think so. Maybe it is the mysterious little green men from Mars, giant bugs from the Underland or Communists. The teenagers don’t have a clear idea, but the town is teeming with gossip of strange things. some say they saw metallic implants on the necks of some the soldiers while others claim there is some sort of fungal forest growing in the old caves behind the abandoned mill.

Who knows what the truth is, but Saturday is coming. And so is the Dance. the venue has traditionally been the small dance hall on the cross-roads near the highway. there kids from the Town meet up with the kids from the neighboring towns to dance, meet with their friends, make-out and race their cars. Now it lays outside the quarantine zone.

But the kids have a plan. most of the military personnel aren’t local, they don’t know the back roads and foot paths around the town. Sneaking around them could be fun too. They wouldn’t really shoot an unarmed teenager, right?

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