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Monthly Archives: January 2012

(Odd Idea) Ancestor Worship

Ancestor worship is still quite common in many parts of the world today. The practices vary, but the underlying principles are the same. Sometimes you make sacrifices on the family altar, leave an empty spot on the table, keep the graves in good shape and so on. Many of these things are practiced in cultures that are not traditionally … Continue reading »

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(Odd Ideas) The Price of Practicality

Art has long been the measuring stick of civilizations. Most cultures have produced or thrived to produce distinct art, usually based on those art forms and styles that have been perceived as valued. Many anthropologists maintain, that without art, a society is not complete. There have been few or none societies that held all art … Continue reading »

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(Odd idea) It’s All in Your (God)Head

What if the world was just a figment of a god’s imagination? What if all the galaxies, stars and black holes were nothing more than ideas floating around an infinitely powerful mindscape. Gods are often described as omnipotent and omniscient and therefore instead of just creating everything, they could be the totality of existence. But … Continue reading »

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(Odd Idea) An Evil Step-Mothers’ Troubles

In fairy tales, when the good-natured widowed father remarries, any princesses should beware! Evil stepmothers are a fairy-tale staple, but what if there ever was only one? And what if she did what she did because she only desired to leave behind a unified fairyland? A Final Fairytale? By marrying old widower kings and murdering them, … Continue reading »

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(Odd Ideas) Father Dominic’s Little Problem

Legacies can be interesting things. You might get one from a long-lost relative or from your closest friend and sometimes they have interesting conditions in them for the inheritor. Sometimes legacies can also be problematic, since they may come with duties or a heavy tax attached to them.  Sometimes inheritors are not private persons. societies, … Continue reading »

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(Odd Idea) Friday Night Siege

Sometimes adventure doesn’t need dank dungeons or old castles. True Villains are not mandatory if the premise itself gives the heroes some motivations to seek adventure. Sometimes teens being teens is enough. Random Midwestern Town, USA, 195X The heady, hot days of summer are coming to an unavoidable end as autumn and school rear their … Continue reading »

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