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(Odd Ideas) Under the African Moon

Posted by on September 9, 2011

In the modern world, bloody civil wars have cost millions of lives over the last decades. Europe, America, Africa and Asia have all witnessed violent conflicts. Some wars have had their roots in local history, others have been bloody legacies of foreign dominance and some are stages where global cold was have flared hot. And some are products of greed and arrogance.

To us, the cause of the conflict may not always be the most important factor. Sometimes, working to end a bloody and wasteful conflict can bring unlikely allies together. If the bloodshed has continued long enough, even those who need human blood to survive, might be persuaded to help bring peace to their homeland.

 Too Much Bloodshed for Bloodsuckers

In a poor African country, torn apart by two decades of bloody civil strife, things are looking grim. The conflict may have once been about tribal blood feuds or the possession of lucrative mines, but that is not really important to this story. This story is about blood, bloodshed and bloodsuckers.

When the first signs of the conflict flared up in the countryside two decades ago, the country had a small and content vampire population. They lived in the few large cities and preyed on the city dwellers.

The transition from a colony of an European power to an independent nation had gone relatively smoothly, with a popular uprising that dissipated surprisingly easily after the imperial overlords had been overthrown. The problems started only later, when rich sources of gold and copper were discovered in the southern hills.

While the local tribe seemed content to share their new-found wealth at first, the leaders soon became greedy or their neighbors jealous, nobody knows for sure. The result was a bloody conflict that spread across the country, engulfing everything.

Now, the southern tribes are in war with each other and the centralized government of the north. Foreign opportunists and mercenaries have poured in as have arms-dealers and other less savory characters. Conflict is everywhere.

For the vampires the opening shots of the conflict were like a dinner call to a grand feast. War meant people disappeared and this made hunting easy. As the war spread, so did the vampires.

But after two decades of brutal war, even the vampires have seen enough brutality. They have fed enough and their numbers have swollen. Soon there are no prey to feed on and with the foreigners have come creatures from their lands, with powers the local vampires have difficulty combating.

So under a full moon, atop a bleak mesa a dark group gathers to plan. To end the war they need to stop the warlords, defeat the foreign vampires and manipulate the political leaders to a negotiating table. It will take time, but they are patient.

Their first target is an arms shipment heading over the border from a neighboring country. A vampire is a fearsome foe, a vampire with a Kalashnikov is even more terrifying. After all both can survive burial for years.

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