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(Odd Ideas) Rest and Recuperation

Posted by on August 3, 2011

image is public domainEven the greatest adventurers have to spend some time resting and recharging their batteries between adventures (sometimes literally). Hospital stays, stints in the asylum and vacations are sometimes needed by the hardiest folk. On some adventure rich worlds, there might be people offering such services for wealthy adventurers. After all, if you have a stack of gold bullion from your last adventure just waiting to be spent, why not use them to maximize the pleasure and usefulness of your recuperation period.

introducing The Greensides manor, world’s only luxury adventurer’s hotel and private hospital.

Welcome to the Jungle

Located on some private Caribbean island, on a former tobacco plantation, the Greensides Manor is the world’s only luxury holiday resort and private hospital. Catering exclusively to adventurer’s, of which there seems to be plenty since “the Event”, the Manor provides a secluded place for rest and recuperation for the discerning client. 

Despite it’s mundane name, the Greensides is a thoroughly modernized collection of old plantation buildings, built originally in the 17th century. in addition to the luxurious hotel with private beaches, tennis courts and other normal services, some more exotic hobbies are also catered for. There is a fully stocked shooting range, an archery training yard, a collection of various dojos and a fully fledged obstacle course.

For those with lesser interest in physical training, a large and well-stocked library can be found in a separate building with some empty laboratories available to rent for a nominal fee. A high-powered internet access is also provided through a satellite connection.

A large garden conceals several quiet spots suitable for meditation and for discreet meetings. The garden also hides The Maze, reputed to be the most difficult garden maze in the world, covering almost a square mile with convenient camping spots inside.

Accommodations are available as private beach houses, bungalows or rooms and suites. Full service is always included, but if the visitor so chooses, they can prepare their own meals.

The hospital is a thoroughly modern medical facility with the latest equipment and an experienced staff of surgeons, doctors and therapists. While most clients have been come to the manor for recuperation, surgeries can be performed here. The patients have large and well-equipped luxury rooms at their disposal, if they are unable or unwilling to use the hotel’s accommodations.

The hospital also maintains a staff of psychologists and psychiatrists, who have heard and treated pretty much every mental trauma in the textbooks and then some.

The rest of the island is deserted, apart from a small village for the staff and their families. The uninhabited part of the island is filled with rain-forest and dotted with pre-Columbian ruins built in mysterious patterns around a dormant volcano. Needles to say, many of the visitors enjoy exploring the island.

Taking a break on an island catering for heroes has its good and bad sides. The food and service are excellent, the activities are designed for training and maintaining adventurer’s skills and the island and the library offer challenges for mind and body. But there are also the attacks by the nemeses who really didn’t think things trough before attacking a hotel for heroes, the occasional alien invader looking for something in the ruins and the constant threat of deep one invasion from the nearby sunken reef.

But what would a vacation be without some adventure?

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