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(Odd Ideas) The Round Discs of the Sky People

Posted by on June 29, 2011

Mixing elements from two sources can be a good way of creating interesting scenarios. Television and movies have done this for a long time and for a good effect. Some settings are based on very little else. Best mixes are surprising and entertaining. Bronze age tribesmen and alien abductions might not be the most obvious combination…

Raiders of the Lost Cattle!

The tribe of the Cracked Valley is known among the Peoples as one of the fiercest. Their hunters and warriors are many strong and the magic of the holy needle rock gives their women and cattle unrivaled fertility. Their home is well defended by the valley they call home and from which they get their name. While the floor of the valley is littered with boulders and rocks, among them grow a bounty of edible plants and game animals. They also have weak neighbors whose cattle and property they can raid for even more wealth. 

On a late summer morning, the medicine man feels that the spirits are telling him something. The cool breeze from the tallest mountains smells of coming rains and autumn. The wild grains and roots are ripe for harvesting and the gatherers are busy. The last hunt had been good and the excess meat was drying in the wind for winter. The women who were not out gathering were busy working on the skins of the slain animals. They would not have to venture out to the plains again this summer. With enough food to eke out their survival over the coming winter, the old medicine man felt content the spirits had blessed them. Yet his face darkens when the son of the war-chief comes to him and asks for an audience for his father. The war chief has only one use for his services. The peace chief is a jovial organizer with a steady head on his shoulders, but the war chief likes to keep the warriors and hunters busy, preferably with raiding. The medicine man dislikes raiding, it means wounded men and often death.

In the war chiefs tent, the tribe’s warriors are huddled around the unlit fire-pit. The war chief towers over them, almost by a head. His voice is booming and urgent. He demands omens from the medicine man, omens for good raiding. The medicine man urges caution and patience, tells that the stores are already stocked and no raiding would be necessary. But since the war chief has the right to demand a reading for omens, the medicine man complies. In the omens he sees a successful raid yet something feels strange, something that worries him greatly. But, the war chief listens only to the omen about a succesful raid and so the warriors and some of the hunters set out to the neighboring tribe’s pastureland.

When the tribe’s warriors return home from the successful cattle-raid into the enemy tribe’s lands, they find a herd of their own cattle gone! But the animals have not been taken by enemy tribal warriors. The herders talk of lights in the sky and of tall, lithe men dressed in silvered metal and odd helmets. The war chief is shamed for not protecting his village and to redeem his honor, sets out with his sons to reclaim the stolen cattle, shiny sky people or not!

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