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(Odd Ideas) The Book of Names

Posted by on June 28, 2011

Image is Public domain
Names are powerful. They give us the ability to classify things and thus give us power and understanding over them. On some worlds, names may hold more mystical power. If you know something’s true name, you can command or bind it. In some magical traditions that deal in spirits, knowing their true names is the only way of ensuring their compliance.

Leather-bound Insurance Policy

The Book has been passed from daemon hunter to daemon hunter through the ages. A large tome, bound in rust-colored leather, it has been used in the greatest battles against the lords and ladies of Hell itself. The Book contains the true names of the 666 nobles of hell, the script is a potent weapon against the daemons for their names can be used to entrap and control them. The book has been the safeguard against the nobles’ direct involvement on Earth, forcing them to work through weaker underlings and local conspirators.

Now, The Book has been lost, for a cabal of power-hungry sorcerers has killed the last bearer of the Book and plans to use it their nefarious deeds. It is not known if the cabal plans to use the Tome as a bargaining chip with the nobles or as a tool to harness their power, but whatever it is, things look bleak for the daemon hunters and their allies. Without the Book’s list of names to stop them, there is little to stop the nobles from mounting a large assault on Earth. Or so the hunters think.

But the elders among the order know that the Book was a mere copy of an original script. First recorded from the walls of an ancient Egyptian temple at the cost of many brave souls. Now a group of chosen hunters must venture deep into the unforgiving desert to find the lost temple of names. The temple’s guardian is rumored to be  a remnant of Set, the ancient snake god.

Defeating the guardian is not the only perilous task. The nobles’ minions will try to thwart them at every turn and copying demonic names into a book without losing your sanity or soul is difficult.

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