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(Odd Ideas) Saturday Night Magic

Posted by on June 20, 2011

In many worlds, magic has real power. Magical rituals can take many forms. In some cases, a simple wiggle of the caster’s fingers and a few mumbled arcane phrases will do. In other cases, the rituals are elaborate and complicated. Some rituals may be solemn and slow, while others are energetic displays of raw energy. Sometimes, the ritual may take the form of a dance. But, why bother with spinning dervishes, hakas or other forms of traditional ritual dances when you can have disco?

Boogie Magicians

It’s the 1970’s on some alternate Earth and there is magic on the dance floor! When it was accidentally discovered that the combination of colored lights, mirrored balls and rhythmic music unlocked the hidden potential of those willing to ride the wave of rhythm. With more complex routines, more power is given. While most dance-magicians use their powers to have a good time, some of them corrupt the power of the music for their dark purposes. Enslaving whole dance floors with their power, they seek to make disco their own exclusive domain, and that is not groovy!

Someone needs to stand against these dark magicians of the dance-floor.

In the early days of the disco, there was one whose skill and power could match the dark magicians, but he has since hung up his leisure suit and stopped buffing his medallions. A group of willing dance-magicians is sent from the hub of magic, New York, into the deserts of the Mojave to look for the retired hero, and to learn his moves. Along the way, they must survive many perils: jealous rockers,  square dancing sorcerers and the Man, the society’s fear of authority become flesh.

It’s time to straighten your cuffs, shine your lucky pentacle medallion and polish your shoes, magic is all about having the rhythm and looking good while dancing to it!

And, always remember, fire magic and polyester don’t mix!

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