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(Odd Ideas) The Ones You Least Expect

Posted by on June 19, 2011

Public domain, From Wikimedia CommonsNecromancy, the forbidden art of giving unlife to those who have left the mortal coil, or at least their remains. In most cultures, especially fantastical ones, necromancy is taboo or at least strongly discouraged. Necromancers tend to be the bad guys, striding (or riding a skeletal mount) at the forefront of a horde of undead creatures. But necromancers have strong anti-hero potential too, they tend to wear black and feel angst about the fragility of their mortal existence. But not all necromancers dress in black, skull-motif robes or wear enough pale make-up to shame a glam-rock band. Some are actually quite adorable.

The True Agony Aunts

The Capital has long been the home of the Arcane University, the foremost authority on magic of all kinds, except Necromancy. The forbidden arts bone-crafting, cadaver collecting and spirit binding are not taught there. Nor are  there dark cabals practicing foul rituals in the sewers or in the dimly lit backrooms of hospitals, the Royal Hounds have seen to that. In fact, there are no dark lords or grim vampires hidden inside the city.

There is, however, a pair of adorable old ladies. The elderly spinster daughters of the former head magus of the University are simply continuing their late father’s research. When they are not robbing the graveyards in their respectable clothes, they are serving tea to the wives and widows of the high society or swapping gossip with other little old ladies. Their young ward, their late brother’s only child, has no idea what his aunts are up to or what lies in the locked basement. And the neighborhood hold the old ladies in higher respect, due to their charity and apparent harmlessness.

But when their ward and his fiancée are threatened by their greedy and unscrupulous landlord, the spinsters unleash their dark magics. With skeletons in their cupboard, zombies in the larder and ghosts in the gallery, the sisters have more than enough creepy creatures to make the landlord’s life a (un)living nightmare…

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