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About the Blog

Hi there,

These are the odd and often high-flying ideas that I wish to share with you. My hope is that these help you find inspiration in whatever you are working on or amuse you. This blog will focus on providing the readers ideas for their creative projects. The blog will also focus on building believable worlds for  creative projects. Most content will be in English, but some posts will be in Finnish.

The current plan is to publish three larger posts each week, offering greater detail into an idea or concept that I wish to explore. In addition to these, I will post (almost) daily odd ideas, short hooks or snippets, that I hope will inspire you.

I have planned three different, recurring topics in the blog:

History is Fun: Interesting facts and tidbits from history, something you might not have known about and some observations how to use them in an interesting way. I try to be as accurate and neutral as possible when telling about facts, but I cannot guarantee 100% accuracy or neutrality.

Looking for Inspiration: Analyzing existing works for ideas and inspiration without actually stealing them.

World Building: Ideas for building interesting and believable worlds.

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